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DB59 - Fran by WhistlinFrog
DB59 - Fran
To be perfectly honest, I was really unhappy with the drawing of Fran I did
yesterday, so I drew her again.

I noticed my art going off in a direction I wasn't really liking, so this is my
attempt to get back on course.
DB58 - Fran by WhistlinFrog
DB58 - Fran
My hunny bunny.  Think I'mma do some Final Fantasy stuff for a while.    
DB57 - Hestia by WhistlinFrog
DB57 - Hestia
Oppai loli goddess.  You'd think I would watch this anime, but I haven't
really felt inclined.

Also, I hate that string under her boobs.  It serves no purpose.  What the
hell is it?
DB56 - Chain Sumeragi by WhistlinFrog
DB56 - Chain Sumeragi
Kekkai Sensen was created by Yasuhiro Nightow.  If I had known that,
I would have started watching it when it first started.  
DB55 - Mito Ikumi by WhistlinFrog
DB55 - Mito Ikumi
Thought I'd try and do some newer anime, since the new season
started a short time ago.  If you comment, feel free to write what
new anime you're watching and I might draw a character from it.

I saw the most comments on tumblr for Kekkai Sensen, so I might
do that one tomorrow.



Editing to add my new Patreon account.

Hasn't been off to the best start, but hopefully that will change.  My goal was to
have a patreon, but still give all my art out for free, because I didn't want to
require people to pay for it.  Depending on how the next couple months go, that
could change.  


Here's a rundown of my sites, complete with links.

Art Tumblr:
--- I generally post things here before I post them on deviantart.  I also post news on what I'm working on and when I'm streaming.

Character Tumblr:
--- I post the Endless Library comics here, and you can also ask the characters questions.

Personal Tumblr:
--- I just reblog stuff and sometimes say dumb things.  Will also reblog fanart here.

--- Pretty much just reposting work I put on dA or tumblr

--- Please buy them!!

--- Please buy some of these, too!!

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